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Flash Phenomenon

Started by Todd Dickerson. Last reply by Todd Dickerson Apr 13, 2012. 1 Reply

Rather than use this power to destroy, why not try to use it to create a positive future...‘SCARY’ NEW TREND? 500 PARTYING YOUTHS BREAK INTO UPSCALE L.A. HOUSE AFTER HEARING FAMILY IS OUT OF…Continue

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Jobs News ... Good or Not so Great?

Started by Todd Dickerson Apr 7, 2012. 0 Replies

Paul Krugman over at the New York Times has an interesting take on how you report on our nations employment. That's just it, report the employed, not the unemployed. It makes a world of difference on…Continue

How do you get the Flash Candidate on the ballot?

Started by Todd Dickerson. Last reply by Todd Dickerson Apr 5, 2012. 1 Reply

The only answer I can come up with would be volunteer Flash groups for each state.I'm pretty sure you need x amount of signatures by a specific date, and every states different. This should be one of…Continue

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So, What Is A 'Presidential Exploratory Committee,' Exactly?

Started by Todd Dickerson Apr 5, 2012. 0 Replies

Here's a good article from 03/23/2011 by Jason Linkins over at the Huffington PostAs you may have already surmised, the process by which ordinary humans run for president is a byzantine one, shrouded…Continue

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With the 2012 Presidential Election looming on the horizon a hard look at the candidates has left me with a sense of dread. In this day and age how can We the People only have two choices for such an important position? Money is one answer, you need millions to be a viable candidate.  A far cry from what I was told in elementary school, that any US born citizen over 35 could run.  Is there a way to level the playing field? How can the average citizen get their message out in an environment that is seemingly quite controlled?

It is in this spirit that I have created this social networking site.

In an effort and hopes to produce honest dialog about real issues and in the process create a “Flash Candidate”, someone the people have built a consensus behind, someone We the People can get on the ballot.

In this modern age of technology we have figured out ways to create instant colaborations. Flash mobs, can we extend this new phenomenon to a presidential candidate? The challenges are nearly insumountable. Without your help in spreading the word, and getting friends involved, we will be faced with the same seemingly lackluster choices come November. 

Here at this site we are trying to produce a viable option to a “lesser of two evils” voting choice, evil is evil after all, vote “Flash Candidate” in 2012. 





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Spread the Word ... Flash Candidate

Posted by Todd Dickerson on October 2, 2012 at 10:03pm 0 Comments

Sincerest apologies for the delay in adding new members to the group. Gmail has been sending the requests to my spam folder. Welcome aboard. 33 Days to the election, one day to the first presidential debates. Has the window closed on our opportunity? Do big money interests win again? Or is there still a chance for something like this to work? I thought back in April, when I created this site, it would take off in a flash. Everyone I talk to doesn't seem to believe in Romney or Obama. I…



With new technology we have figured out ways to create instant participation, flash mobs, can we extend this new phenomenon to a candidate?

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